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1. About Felt

Felt, including 100% wool, 100% polyester, and mixed felt.

Wool felt is eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable material. High quality has an innate durability and timelessness. The most of the felt in Feir Felt is 100% wool. Also have some other items.


2. Cutting

A: Felt can be cutting in laser or die. But there has a problem of the laser cut.

The better of the wool felt cut is in die. Or will burn the material of the cut part, make the edge black and leave the

black ash. Also have a bad smell. (Like the burnt hair smell)


B: The white felt in laser cut, the edge will be turn to yellow. This is a common. Because of the laser scorch the cut line.


3. Printing

It can be printing onto the felt. The mostly is screen-printing. We had made lots of the items for customers. It should consider the design, felt color, ink, and printing plate, also experienced workers. Until now, we do not have any customer complaints about printing.


4. Sewing

It can be sewing the pattern, pieces, label and so on. Different designs, colors, specification make the item in fantastic.


5. Dyeing

The color is according to the Pantone system. But not all colors can be done. If you’d like to produce your own custom felt color. Will try our best.


6. Thickness

Wool felt is 0.1-1.0cm; polyester felt is 0.1-0.5cm


7. Cleaning

The felt produced from 100% wool. It’s not suitable for washer + dryer cleaning. Please spot cl

ean with warm soapy water or clean with a mild, water-free dry cleaning solvent. Be careful not to saturate the felt with moisture as the milling process will continue and may result in a misshapen appearance.


8. Ironing
Should you need to iron your felt, please do so on a low, wool setting. Be careful not to singe or burn the material.